Sunday, October 13, 2019


Power returned. We were in the dark for two days and only at night. Beyond that it was only the blessed unexpected reprieve from the internet, and work. 

I've stopped taking as many pictures of the boy as I used to. He is showing signs that always being a photographic subject is not something that interests him. I've explained that I believe there is something fundamentally good, and wonderful, and beautiful, and true about most people, and that photography can sometimes reveal these things along with possibly capturing many other delicate aspects of being alive. He nods at me, says that he likes it more when we can see the pictures we took right away. 

He's not wrong. I spend more time with film. The results are likely delayed beyond his capacity to connect them in time. He recognizes the space from the picture above but doesn't remember us watching the many French New Wave cinema classic that led to us buying him a black turtleneck for this dramatic photo shoot, etc. 

I love the boy and love having good pictures of him. I'm like a Jewish mother when it comes to him.

I have agreed to do the music for two friends' wedding. It has been a much larger task than I assumed it might be at the onset, though a genuine labor of love and pleasantly engaging. I have been having fun putting the lists together. I wish that I was doing it with an audience. They are not done yet, but I have slimmed down my track selections to about 200% of what they need to be, which will make compiling an acceptable list of half that amount easy. Or, that is what I tell myself. Easy. I will begin the task or ordering the songs tomorrow morning. I leave for Sedona tomorrow night.

If wishes were horses then horseshoes are made of curved metal angel wings. 

Update: Shit. I used that picture (above) already.

Here, have this one.