Wednesday, October 23, 2019

... a dream of growing up to ride

We don't know if we'll have power or not. It is a maddening solution to the problem of global warming. I am, of course, very opinionated on this matter, though without much fact informing those opinions. Any fact, really. I only know the fact of my opinion's existing. Takes too much of the fun out of it to be informed, so time consuming.

I took a few pics of the boy today. We were in a 7-11, buying powdered donuts, those little ones in the pack of 6. They were crap, but seemed to make the boy happy. I'm not shooting enough with my 35mm cameras. I'm losing my ability to shoot quickly. I fiddled with my aperture and missed focus. The boy had moved by the time I was ready to take the picture. We went to the dog park after the donuts, but my shooting didn't improve. It didn't help that I was using an 85mm lens and trying to capture fast moving targets with a wide aperture in a hostile environment. 

Nothing helps, nothing changes, nothing matters.

I had better change this attitude before the wedding. I still have a few days and a birthday between now and then. What could possibly go wrong?

She tried to raise me right but I refused.