Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Gone With The Grid

(From Manzanita Campground)

I survived Sedona (above), but California is killing me now. Well, not California, but P,G&E... I came home from Arizona and prepared to work on two playlists I am making for an upcoming wedding - on Saturday. Today, I found out that they're shutting the power off in this region again, probably tomorrow and through Thursday. This complicates everything about my life in unpleasant ways. I'm still struggling with this new realization that I live in a third world county.  

My brother sent me some very thoughtful presents, books, for my birthday. One on the art of Burning Man, one a visual history of bicycles, and one on Toltec spirituality. Lots to look at and think about. He is a better brother than I am. But what the fuck, it had to be one of us, why not him?

I should go to bed. There is nothing more that I can do tonight to prepare to lose power. I try to enjoy it when the power gets turned off, reminding myself to just enjoy the simple pleasures - reading, playing the guitar, riding my bike, even film photography - all the things I love - but there is much to do to prepare for the wedding. A haircut, and other things I have not yet thought of, but definitely a haircut.