Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Boom! Pow!

Batman is flatly full of shit, but I regularly forgive him that. Many times he has derided me for posting photos that he would not, or in a way that he would not, or when I have had the temerity to openly express anything that resembles happiness. And yes, gratitude. It is not foreign to him, though his struggles with it are apparent. Pay no attention to his silly protestations, they are not of actual substance. 

Though he is very perceptive and for that I like to keep him around, even though he greatly prefers and deserves solitude

Will he ever emerge undisguised from behind the walls of Wayne Manor....? 

Gotham may never know. 

He should know by now that I donate a generous percentage of all that I say and do to pure jest. I am a humble Joker at heart, only this way because I fell into a vat of chemical waste where I stewed for decades, leaving me horribly disfigured, which then led to my criminally sadistic insanity. 

Batman will tell you all about it.

Okay, I was going to write a regular daily update, but now the needs of the day have crept into the morning, where superheroes and their arch-nemeses refuse to depart.