Monday, September 9, 2019

Felt Corrective

I have bad posture. Or, I have found something to blame my back pain on. It's me, a lifetime of slouching, hunching over, sitting and standing carelessly. Not carefree, but careless.

Ah well. How much longer could I possibly need a functioning spine?

This is not the opinion of a doctor, but the truth that was revealed to me this morning as I sat upright for the first time in decades. Something about it felt corrective.

I have been having troubling uncertainties since getting hit by that car. I suppose that's an event that will provoke those sorts of feelings, but the thoughts are of the trifling kind nonetheless. Stupid stuff, really, but when I left the house today to go for a ride I wondered, almost aloud, if I would ever see the house again. I've always had those kinds of thoughts, but they are making different impressions on me now, I guess. I realize the miracle it was that I wasn't more injured. Some hint of a religious upbringing has me feeling that perhaps my punishment still awaits me. Or, something.

It's just me fretting over the unknown, again.