Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Crimes, Misdemeanors, and Vacations

Ok, no more bike talk, for a bit. It was supposed to be assembled today but the shop owner is dragging his hex wrench. 

Date night went well, though we are older now and derive less pleasure from being out late. It was still nice to go have a little adventure in the city - drinks and friends and food and laughing are still good things to do.

What else is there? CS is going to travel. There is that - crimes, misdemeanors, and vacations. 

Okay, I was sitting here drinking a tea before a bike ride, Now, my tea cup is empty and I have thought of nothing useful to say. 

The wind is blowing. The hill that leads to Jack London's old Wolf House is 900 feet with very few spots that do not involve climbing, practically none. My legs will ask much of my heart and lungs. When I get to the bottom I have promised myself to turn around and climb it all over again, where the questions will be doubled or more. I will return with whatever answers my body has left.