Saturday, February 23, 2019

They do

Just the parts to fix the seatbelts in my car are a thousand dollars. You read that correctly - $1000 USD. For the parts. I'm trying to be stoic about the damage the pup has done in my car and elsewhere, because she has proven herself to be amenable to training, but the stoicism could give way any moment to panicked desperation. The dealership said that the parts are expensive because there is a small explosive device within them that goes off in the event of an accident, and they emphasized that the parts must come from Germany, as if that would help me better understand their true worth. I then requested the non-military option. They explained that there is none. There is only the explosions in your seat option or freedom from safety. 

So, there goes another grand.

She has also chewed the legs of one of the chairs in the living room, the front door, and the molding around the front door.

All chew damage aside, though, the little girl-pup is adjusting nicely and she is very sweet. Sweetness goes a long way. It's a mystery why anybody ever forgets that. But they do. 

(The eyes of destruction)