Monday, February 4, 2019

Akira - puppies have a right to children

Well, we did it and have expanded our numbers by one. Pets Lifeline finally deemed us worthy. We adopted her yesterday. I learned to play Love Rescue Me on the guitar to celebrate. Leave me alone about U2... Dylan co-wrote that one with them, so I feel like I get a free pass, or a co-pass. I was going to learn Emotional Rescue, but it just doesn't sound right on an acoustic guitar, and me singing. 

Any fool can ape Bono. 

What? Don't look at me like that. I've been playing the guitar a lot lately, am looking for song themes. 

So, rescue it is.

Out tentative name for her is Akira, but we're discussing a few options. She's a sweetheart. Barkley seems mildly traumatized by her presence, we're all making adjustments as needed. She is recovering from being spayed still, so we can not quite play with her as we would normally, but hopefully y this upcoming weekend we'll be able to at least let her run and hopefully chase a few catapulted tennis balls. The boy is ready.

We have been warned that she is an "escape artist" and I believe it. I just walked Barkley for maybe 5-7 minutes and she freaked out, destroyed some of the front door and the trim. She had eaten the wood trim away from the door frame and scratched some of the wood off the door. I could hear her howling as I approached.

So, new things to learn, a few modifications needed in lifestyle. 

All of that.

But also all of this: