Tuesday, February 12, 2019


She ate the front door frame and the front door and the passenger side seat belt in my car. There is fur everywhere. Our Dyson vacuum cleaner died yesterday. It is becoming challenging, taking on a puppy that suffers severe separation anxiety. I feel bad crating her, but that can't possibly stay that way much longer. I have no idea how much a seat belt costs to replace, or a front door. 

We love her and she is very sweet, but it's becoming a real challenge. 

The hour that I was at Rhys' school volunteering was the hour that she ate the seat belt. It was the first hour that I have had away from her since we adopted her last Sunday, pretty much. And by away, I mean that she was in the car. The crate is seeming more and more sensible each moment. I'm just trying to get her used to being in it without it seeming like punishment. This is possible, but it takes time. I don't know how much more time I have. I need the driver's side seat belt. I've even started to like wearing it.