Monday, October 4, 2010

The feel of a thing

The world feels flat today. It looks flat too. I bet it is.

The rains have come, along with the colder winds, though not truly cold yet it is easy to imagine the world tilting away from the sun.

I feel like an empty gum-ball dispenser. I am certain that it is work that makes me feel this way. I miss the days of living in New York without a job, though I have gotten very used to having it. It is not so much that I like having the job but I see the charm in doing things. I spent many, many years as a very lazy man. Having a job makes me want to do things with my time off, and each day becomes more precious in that regard.

Everyone will be jealous of my new camera…. I will write it a love letter and leave it lying out, to be found. I've never felt so sneaky in all of my life. It just feels right.