Friday, February 14, 2020

H**** Valentine's Day

Because I wrote of my love for Raquel the other day I will desist that same sort of thing today. I will write about my other Valentine, the boy. 

He brought home all of his cards and candies, shared from the other class members. The schools avoid situations like CS described now, they require everyone to share equally. So even the semi-r***** would go home with sweet treats and cards adorned with hearts. And why not? It is dangerous to teach children to prefer some over others, we're told. 

I kid, I wish no one the pain of feelings of isolation. 

The boy and I bought mom some flowers, and champagne. She loves both of those things and we love her. We are shipping the boy off to the babysitter tonight. We have no plans. Maybe a movie, maybe dinner, maybe a night alone watching a movie from bed. We are so starved of time alone. 

For my part, I am playing to Roxy Music's Avalon. It is my romantic album, though few might think of it that way considering the anguish written and sung about therein. Still, it is glossy and well-produced. The music is sinuous and sexy, if you allow it to be heard uncritically. Or, if you do not destroy it with analytical thought. The best critics do not teach us to hate things, but augment our understanding with observations we might not have made. 

So many things are such, when I allow them to be.

The best song that the Talking Heads didn't ever do: