Sunday, February 16, 2020

A candid portrait of my son - 35mm black and white

I stopped posting portraits of the boy. They did not seem to please my readers the same way that they pleased me. Since I stopped posting these blogpost links on Facebook my readership has dwindled to almost none, and I am willing to risk losing my remaining two readers. Not even Raquel still reads here. She no longer has much interest in the tide of my daily and weekly moods. I can't blame her. I don't blame her.

This picture was taken September 2018, approximately. I am still more than a year behind in my scanning efforts, which decays any documentary effect or usefulness that these pics might otherwise have, at least in relation to them being posted here. If it were up to me then the boy would never wear t-shirts that advertised Spider Man or an inexplicably angry Yoda. They don't do well when photographed, though the kid seems to love them. But alas, life is not about my desires, or not exclusively.

Okay, today I might go buy a new car. I am tired of dumping money into repairs for my current one. Every few months there is something new that has gone wrong with the thing. It has worn me out. I'm going to go look for an SUV that will hopefully make me happier.  

Until then.