Thursday, March 7, 2019


Jesus, that dog is driving me a little bit crazy. I can't escape it's sweet, loving yowls of anxiety. I am, quite literally, hiding inside a restaurant right now and having a beer with lunch, where she can't see me. It'll only be fifteen minutes of sweet escape, but some much needed time. Maybe one day I'll be able to have two beers with lunch, then three, then who knows. 

I love the pup much, but Daddy needs a day off, soon.

There is more to write about, but fuck it. 

The boy loves her so much, and she loves him. To watch them together is a splendid thing for a man my age to do. What else is there? 

One of my lifelong friends is retiring soon. Maybe he'll move here and watch my dog and kid for me.

I would let him drink all day and complain all night. I'd encourage it. 

What else is there?