Thursday, March 21, 2019

"90 miles an hour, girl, is the speed I drive"

We slept in late, now there is a rush to get out on the slopes. I have drank coffee, but it did not solve the issue of my lethargy. Now, I poured another cup but left it on the other side of the counter. I would rather type this sentence than get up and retrieve it. 

Well, I brought a camera out yesterday, and shot a few pics of the boy and mom. Shooting in snow requires some minor adjustments, which are easy enough to make, though getting a very well exposed image of snow is challenging. The computer's assessment can not be always trusted. 

I should be less of a twat and buy a good multi-purpose zoom lens, as that is what is needed in this environment. Carrying around even two primes, one on the camera and one in a lens pouch, becomes tedious and prohibitive. Add to that the other camera - 35mm black and white film - and you can imagine what a drag I was yesterday getting these two shots when I could have just been sliding my 200+ pounds down a snowy hill with my giggling son, as mom looks on, still worried that we're both going just a little too fast.