Saturday, March 16, 2019

A distance apart

We leave for Spring break tomorrow. Tahoe. Truckee. Northstar. It's a vacation place, for families. We are guaranteed to have the famliest of fun. I poke some sarcasm at it, but it is the type place that lives up to its modest promises of semi-expensive distraction, to the exclusion of fascination. I'm certain Tahoe features heavily on Stuff White People Like. I know this without needing to check, but if you don't know that site then browse it. It was from a more innocent racial time. 

My dilemma is the same as always - which cameras should I bring, all Nikon makes sense, but I love the Fuji so much and it is easier to travel with, but what of the instant, and but I love to shoot film, which requires Nikon lenses, so then why not bring the Nikon body... maybe I'll bring every camera and lens that I own, but I wanted to bring my guitar also, and was looking at new ones the other day, though mom, the trip sentinel, said there's no room in the car, and that maybe I could bring the ukulele, and I haven't tried to put the bike rack on the back of Rachel's new car yet, and part of me wants to stay home and have a week to myself, though I know I would regret doing that, because it would unnecessarily hurt the feelings of others whom I love; I need to buy some ski clothes though I'll be snowboarding this trip with the boy because teaching him to ski would be anachronistic, everything is expensive, the thought happened to me that if I brought my mountain bike I could just ride and ride and ride until I felt tired or hungry or both and alone enough that I wished to return and had reached a distance apart in which I couldn't possibly know where I was going any more.