Saturday, March 9, 2019

And do you have any?

Okay, I've come to accept it. The new pup is a very sweet burden. So be it. She, at least, affords me the opportunity to go to the dog park much more often now, where I can take pics of dogs. They are animated and fun. This will occupy me a few times before I grow tired of it. 

Yesterday, after taking a few pictures of dogs at the park a few people asked me to see the ones of their dogs, and I offered to send them the pics if they would write their email addresses in my phone. There was one mom that seemed quite skeptical of me. She was the best looking woman there and before she wrote her email address in my phone she felt compelled to ask me if I had any dogs at the park. I guess she wanted to verify that I belonged there and wasn't some creep taking pictures of young dogs for who knows what perverse pleasures. I should have sent her a nice, juicy dick pic.

It is not the woman in the picture above. I pissed her off trying to get into the parking lot. I was tailgating her a little bit, mostly because I had been drinking and felt a sense of urgency to get to the park where I would be safe from police officers, I told myself. Public parks are always a great place to hide from the cops, especially when there are moms at the gate checking IDs. Who would think to hide there?

People are crazed endlessly with excess of accusation.