Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sweet Home Chicago

My wife leaves for Chicago today, it is the 85th birthday of her grandfather. I wasn't able to request the time off from work, so she will go alone. I have used up all of the time that I can request off for the upcoming year, somehow. The two week trip to France that my wife and I took is apparently all that was required to exhaust my reservoirs of vacation time.

I took these pictures in the winter. I love the almost phosphorescent glow to them. The suggestion of motion and perhaps even time. She probably prefers the one below to the one above, I do as well.

I spend my days looking at camera reviews, wanting an even better camera than the one I have. Many people tell me to just decide between Nikon and Canon and then spend all of my money on lenses, as they can be used with many different cameras, though not easily between the different brands. I lean towards Nikon D700 but the Canon 5D Mark II is a pretty strong counter-argument. I don't have any of the needed money to make any of this happen, so it is all just an internet shopping daydream that I entertain. I will probably settle on the Nikon D90 and then begin the long-road, accumulation of lenses. I suppose I should learn how to use the Panasonic DMC-LX3 I have before even considering any others. But that attitude won't get us out of this recession, now will it?

Recession. Yes, that is what this feels like, a recession - the act of ceding back, a small concavity, a withdrawal. Recess.

I will just continue to take as many pictures as I can and see what they reveal to me. Because I ride my bike almost exclusively in the city now it is more difficult to take pictures the way I was when walking everywhere in the winter, though that excuse is a thin one. I have been told that boldness is important when getting the pictures you want. To just take the picture and then take more and more.

Funny word, that: take.