Friday, July 23, 2010

3. Networking and business

A friend of mine decided that she didn't want to see a particular guy any more. I believe it was after their first date, though they had known each other socially. Things just didn't have that special "spark" that makes a person want to pursue the situation. She gently told him so, and this is his response, in it's entirety and unedited (though copied from the forwarded email).

The names have been removed to protect those incapable of protecting themselves….

> Hey You!
> So that's what I have to say about your (stupid) decision to kinda stop
> meeting me:
> At least in my case, I think you jumped to concolsions too fast.I
> totally agree about me going out more than you these days. I'm not sure
> how much we discussed about it but it is something temporary and it is
> an outcome of three reasons combined together:
> 1. I lost my job three months ago.
> 2. I broke up with my girl friend half a year ago.
> 3. Networking and business
> I simply have so much extra time, so while during the day I might be
> chilling then at night I go out to restuarants, bars and clubs. But if
> you were more patient and tried to get to know me you would find out
> that I really like balance in my life and while I like to go out I also
> like to chill, stay in at my apt and watch TV, a good movie, read
> something etc. It is funny that you brought it up because my
> ex-girlfriend (I'm still in touch with her for differentreasons but no,
> we are not fuck buddies) just told me very recently that she thought we
> didn't go out enough...
> Now that I go out I am very sociable and get to meet many new people of
> diverse backgorund - business men, musicians, singers, modles (even
> hotter than you), artists, tv and movies producers etc. I am working on
> few new business ventures and networking would be very beneficial for
> most of them.
> I think I rest my case...any questions or you simply wannatell me when
> you are available to meet?