Friday, July 9, 2010

The cost of living

Do the police actually use psychics in their investigations? This seems impossible, but somehow an appropriate waste of resources.

I watch people go into this "psychic" storefront quite often. It amazes me that they do. It is not cheap, you know. For the same price you could walk into Kentucky Fried Chicken and walk out with a nearly Kevorkian-style death-dose of fast food. It's as if they're walking in and handing the person $20 of pure profit. I'm sure that some pay more, but $20 is the advertised in-house psych-price. If it were a tip, and a generous one, that would be 20% of $100, so it would stand to reason that the "information" the psychic gives them must be worth about $100 to them. I'm sure it is an understood crassness of the business to imply that the psychic's abilities should ever be used for capital gain, so the fee must be more of a tip than for services directly rendered, which makes it even more possible to hike the value of the experience up some.

I'm willing to bet that wealthier customers have a stronger aura to them as well. Wealth must be infinitely interesting to the psychic community.

I'd like to start a "psychics for hunger" campaign in which they all band together and give free readings to people who normally couldn't afford to have souls.