Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Dog Days

This city is a dark, hard, lonely place to live sometimes. It can be depressing in the winter, exhausting and anxiety-inducing in the summer. It is maddeningly hot. There is nowhere to escape the heat and the noise. Even late at night you will awake to the sharp sounds of the city somehow permeating your sleep, chasing you hotly into the hidden corners of your dream.

I look back to pictures I took in the winter, cursing the cold, wanting to re-experience that difficulty rather than my current one. Something, anything. I have been thinking about leaving the city, though I don't know where I will go. Europe, perhaps.

I love the dark, ghostly apparition in the above image, taken late at night, at a walking pace. That same person now is somewhere in this city, sweating, cursing the heat, and noise. Who knows.

And the picture below. It also a dark, ghostly image... an ominous, gothic loneliness to it. The unending sadness takes shape.