Saturday, February 27, 2021

Well Psyche, and Cupid

I have not wished to buy anything else since getting the watch. I have grown bored with the curse of the Amazon. Yes, I know, I will stop writing about the watch soon. Though, I have noticed small changes in my psyche, which is one of the things that exists to be written about.  

The strangest thoughts have occurred to me over the last few weeks. New thoughts, followed by new feelings. A friend of mine passed away unexpectedly a couple weeks ago. For several days now I have felt that he's still alive, that this is all a joke or a trick, that he will reveal the ruse soon. It is, of course, just a form of denial, but I've never felt it in quite this way before as an adult. The mind is a funny thing.  

Today, the boy goes to tryouts for baseball. They have decided to start the season up in the expectation of things improving, and with the practice of social distancing that a baseball field affords, and masks. I'm happy that the boy gets to play with other kids again. It is a normal thing to want, an abnormal thing to be deprived of. He will start going back to school part-time in April, also. 

So many changes, after living so long without them.