Tuesday, February 23, 2021

I'm hoping that it changes

Oh yeah, my new watch arrived. It is everything that I had hoped and it produced the desired moment of happiness when I put it on and wore it to dinner. I will wear it for a while and see if it similarly produces satisfaction over time.

Why all the underwater pictures, you wonder? They are all that I have. I have almost stopped taking pictures of the boy and Raquel, except when we are on vacation, and underwater. Photography has become, for me, an excessive burden and luxury. Rarely are my hands ever free enough any more to carry a camera with me, and when I put it in a backpack it tends to stay there. It's too bad I can't do the same with money. 

Nothing remains effortless for very long.

Oh yeah, the new watch is barely water-resistant. It is not recommended to even take a shower with it on. Submersion is gravely ill-advised. So, it is unlike most any other watch I have ever owned, more vulnerable and delicate, entirely mechanical yet dependent upon human adjustment. I'm hoping that it changes me. It needs me.