Thursday, February 25, 2021


Terrifying, said one of my friends when I sent them this image. It was not the image that I hoped to take, but the one that resulted. I like it. The distortions that water provides do something for me that I can not do for myself. For this, I am grateful. 

My love for the watch has settled down, a little bit. Yesterday, I held the watch to the boy's ear to let him hear the second hand's ticking, three times each second, and the piece that shifts to wind the spring automatically when the watch is moved from one side to another. It can be seen through the back side of the case, through the windows of the Bauhaus. I explained to the boy that my fascination with the analog world is motivated mostly by its disappearance. Exile on Mein Screech. It is a German watch, after all

I have always depended on the blindness of dangers.