Sunday, February 21, 2021

if it will

The house is empty. The boy is playing baseball after having stopped abruptly a year ago, along with most others. The last pre-covid pictures I took were of him playing on a team with his best buddy. That was the Thursday or Friday before we left for Spring Break together in an RV. Well, let me see if I can find one. Done. Images too plain and wholesome for the tastes of some, nonetheless it is part of what I like to look at and what you are looking at now.

The house is empty. I have been feeling cramped and crowded lately. It is not at all a good feeling, though there must be worse feelings to choose from. I am trying to take this time to feel the serenity of being alone, but it hasn't yet arrived, if it will. 

The house is empty. I want to go for a nice long Sunday bike ride, but I am holding off until the boy and Rachel return, so that I have that as an option then, and not squander it now. It is not at all a good feeling.