Sunday, February 28, 2021

"How Long, Oh Lord?"

(Charlie, Las Vegas)

A lazy Sunday morning, after a night of wine drinking. Then, a little later, one oval Xanax and one circular Cyclobenzaprine. Yes, I know that drinking and combining benzodiazepines is ill-advised, but I was going to sleep where nothing bad ever happens. I had not drank anything in about a week. It felt good to have a few glasses of wine. I have given up eating red meat and I need something Catholic to imbibe every so often.

I say that I have given up red meat, but I noticed that Rachel bought a rasher of bacon, which now sits in the refrigerator like an uncooked temptation. I am a sex addict for bacon. It arouses my sensibilities and imagination. We will see how well my abstinence holds up under the tremendous pressure of the scent of cooking pork fats. 

I am already conducting an internal debate about whether or not I will exercise today. The wine's tentacles have crept deep into my morning thoughts, where their grip has its hold on me. By noon, I will feel differently, though, something close to normal. 

It occurred to me that I have already used the above picture here, back in September, shortly after coming home from Las Vegas. So, I will add another one to help keep this site in balance. Oh look, I have an underwater shot that I have not used yet. Here is the boy, in the most recent of a series of time-lapse images of his birth.

(Longing Legs)