Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Teaching the puppies some English

The boy is making lots of new friends, and learning that dogs in Costa Rica understand Spanish mostly, but he is able to make good friends with them anyway. 

Yesterday we had a fish luau, we cooked a variety of seafood in an earth oven covered in banana leaves - salmon on halved passion fruit, crabs, shrimp, mussels, onions, assorted veggies. I'm certain there was even more than that but my mind has emptied in retaliation to me gorging my stomach with all of it. There was a case of beer in the refrigerator yesterday and now there are none left, etc. It was all so delicious and went down so easy with the cold beer. 

Now we are all getting a slow start this morning. There will be a winding mountain drive that might not sit so well with all of the buttery fish and seafood, and all of the missing beer.

Here we are on top of the cloud cover, at the volcano IrazĂș, before all of the seafood and beer. 

There were no more pictures taken once we had entered the murky digestive underworld.