Sunday, January 20, 2019

Pet Adoption

We might adopt this dog soon. We filled out an adoption application with Pets Lifeline. We'll see. We found her wandering the neighborhood last week. I convinced Rachel to leave her alone, though we were concerned. I surmised that she had a collar on and did not accept food or water, so she was somebody's dog that seemed unstressed about being loose. Her owners would find her soon, I reassured everybody.

That didn't happen.

Somebody else in the neighborhood called Pets Lifeline and then she has been there ever since. There was a call-in claiming they knew the dog and so they gave the info, but the Lifeline people called and sent certified letters to the presumed owner, but they never heard back. So, we went to visit her yesterday, with Rhys, so you know how that went. She needs us to save her. I'll think about her name once the adoption is complete, but so far Akira Ichiban Q6 is the working name I've given her.

I am in love with her a little bit, at least to the degree that a person my age can fall for a canine that they barely know. So, a lot. Much more than I would have guessed if someone else was telling me this same story. 

I hope that Barkley understands - he's a reasonable Shih Tzu most of the time.