Thursday, January 24, 2019

I promise to go wanderin'

Sunshine can help so much, sometimes, when it falls on your skin. I had a much better bike ride yesterday than I did the day before. I was only a minute and a half faster, but felt stronger and fought the road, the bike, and myself less. Perception counts for so much, and at all times.

I don't remember if I ever posted that picture here before. It is near the caldera of the volcano, Irazu. I like it. So many of my pictures are just candid portraits, shot with expensive lenses. There is something compelling, at least to me, about seeing a small remote figure in the distance of an unfamiliar and possibly hostile landscape. I like it.

I remember at the time thinking how far away the boy had wandered, and how long it would take me to run to him if anything went wrong, and then how silly I felt for thinking that I could do anything at all to protect him if the volcano suddenly became active. The rupture in the earth's crust could have burped up any number of gases that might have killed us all quickly. But to the edge we all went and peered over at the mineral rich lake that had formed there. Then we each wandered off our separate ways for a little while.

All day when I lie down I feel as if I am falling into the ground, towards the center of the earth. Even when I open my eyes, it is as if everything is falling up and away from me, like the sudden descent before a waking hypnic twitch.