Friday, March 5, 2021

Playing Catch

The wonder-pup, Rizzo. I know how beloved my pet photography is here on this site, and I do not wish to disappoint. Also, I have stopped taking any new pictures, so this is what I have left - a sweet and loving dog. This dog will play catch with you or put its head in your lap and love you for as long as you will allow it. Truly a sweet and noble creature, filled with joy. I have known the dog its entire life, and now he is old and having heart problems. His briefly stops about 2200 times a day, sometimes for up to 10-12 seconds at a time. His best friend - Nelson, another sweet and wonderful dog - passed away a few months ago. There is but one end to the sadness.

I am saddened by last year's taxes, and the emailed news that I awoke to this morning. Between California and the IRS they want several thousand more dollars than I have already paid. Apparently they moved me up into the next tax bracket, so that I would have kept more of my money if I had made slightly less of it. I will be a Trump supported by next tax season. They do not provide any accountability reports on what they have done with the taxes they have already taken from me, nor what they plan to do with the additional money they will take next, but as a good liberal I'm just going to write a check. That money might have gone towards something I really want. Perhaps I'll offer to send California my watch and see if they'll just "call it even." Who knows, perhaps there is someone corrupt enough to just take the offer. 

At some level I believe in progressive taxation, I think, but it stings when you make enough to enter the next bracket, but only just barely. The system only seems to reward you if you leap to the middle of the next bracket up. I'm tempted to try less at making money. Maybe I too can be a Reagan Welfare Queen. 

I'm going to start telling everybody "poverty isn't a sin, but laziness is." That should help me gain the trust of the people who can help me get my tax revenues back and where to hide them once I do. It is important to first gain their trust with tropes. Once you have their trusts then you should try to snatch their hedge funds, also.