Thursday, March 4, 2021

Mama Tried

Halloween '20

It's hard to tell just yet, but I might have a day off from work today. I try to avoid writing about work here, but I slipped into it for a bit yesterday. Then today, there was an unexpected change that seems like it might result in me having at least a few hours away from it this morning. All of my most recent pictures, the underwater ones, are on my work computer, as useless as a bag of rocks. So, today I will treat you to an older pic from last year.  It is one of my recent favorites.

If so, I will go for a nice, long bike ride and hope to make the most out of the unexpected pause in activity. I almost wrote, The Good Lord knows I could use it... but then thought better of it, considering I had made overtures to some temporary adopting of fanatical Christianity yesterday. I was never very good at convincing people of the righteousness of my beliefs, though not for any absence of effort. I was an impassioned and idealistic young man, which can result in all sorts of beliefs and convictions that simply do not last. I was no Greta Thunberg for Christ, either, but was convincing enough to my little circle of prayer friends. I think back to some of my young Christian friends very fondly - Lisa, Tim, Jeff, and the young woman that committed suicide after years of both heavy and destructive drinking. 

I shared a memorable and tender period of youth with them, the ending of its innocence. They, most of them, tried to save me from whatever wickedness there was in the world. After I started getting blow jobs from the young girls that seemed to be everywhere at the time, and quite willing to find out what all the fuss was about, the loving arms of Christ were never quite the same for me again. Yet I got married anyway, twice, to see what all the fuss was about. Twice. 

One and only rebel child
From a family meek and mild
Mama seemed to know what lay in store
Despite all my Sunday learnin'
Towards the bad I kept on turnin'
Til' Mama couldn't hold me any more

- Mama Tried, Merle Haggard

Witchery '20