Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Is it valuable, usable, and feasible?

Hippie Chicks Ride Free

I have run out of images to use on this site. I will return to some previous ones used. Okay, found one. It is, at least, an energy sustainable image. I bought that shirt for the boy at a Dead & Company show at Shoreline Amphitheater, a couple years ago. It is incredible to me that there are still traveling hippie collectives that drive their vans from show to show and sell merchandise, but there are, and they do. They really do make the best tie-dye shirts. There is no other group that compares, or even comes close. Most tie-dyes are obnoxious and poorly done. 

My favorite moment from that show, I think, was when they did Fire on the Mountain. When intelligent people feel free and happy they cease to recognize themselves. That's the point, I think. Happiness is a state of mind, intelligence is a scope of mind.

I'm not sure we're allowed to say, Hippie Chicks Ride Free any more, but they do. Everybody in California knows that. 

Cash, grass, or ass... I wonder how old my son will be before I drop that historical nugget of hitchhiker wisdom on him. I hope it's still yet a few years away. 

I have been thinking more lately about scope of mind. Believe it or not, I love what I do for work. It can be challenging, and sometimes never lets up, but the people are good, if not great, and the pay is more than sufficient to provide for a modicum of satisfaction. I have few complaints, truly. Though, it seems that there is so much more out there and that I should start actively thinking about that, because it takes time to arrive anywhere in life. Emotionally unstable people tend to cling to security when they find it, to a fault. That's what I've been doing for about fifteen years now, it seems. Every few years the imagination yearns for more, or something different, but the fear of instability functions as a constant reminder of what life was like when I was more entrepreneurial in my choices. 

That's where I am now - not at all unhappy, but thinking about what a different life might be like and how to possibly get there. It is tough to leave departments where you have many friends. Comfort zones are so nice and deadly, everyone there has such a nice watch.