Monday, September 7, 2020

Red Rock Canyon to The Narrows

Since CS loathes my pool action shots of children and dogs, here is the view from atop Red Rock Canyon loop. You will not see any architecture on display here, either. It is an inhospitable expanse of land that stretches for many miles in many directions. 

Because of the heat wave throughout the west this same expanse of land is probably on fire today. 

It was 114 degrees here yesterday. The boy and I went swimming early in the morning and stayed in the pool until mid-afternoon. Mom arrived around 10:30. we swan and chatted and applied sunscreen all day while drinking wine. The boy and I still became sunburned. My skin is no longer worth saving. Though my tropical tan has become leathery in the spots where it is not tender. I've been submerging my head in aloe gel, but so far no magical cure has been the result.

This morning we depart for Zion National Park. We may hike the entrance of The Narrows today, the world's largest slot canyon.

The image found online below is no exaggeration. There are miles and miles of canyon that look similarly if not even more impressive than this small hint. Depending on the previous week's weather the river can often be walked/hiked with relative ease. 

In the event that CS secretly loves my pool-and-pup series... this one was taken about an hour and a half after we dosed the dog, again.