Tuesday, April 28, 2020

There is no refuge left

(Oct. 2018 - Disneyland)

This picture has no relationship to anything. I just happened to come across it. Every picture seems to get further away from me, lately. I worry about the future in a way that I used to only worry about my own life.

People that work hard often have less left to tell, less to say, but never short on screams. I've been working hard today. I ask myself why, but I already know: for the perceived security of money. Watching significant portions of it disappear with the market has not helped. Spending money to buy things I want has not helped. I don't want very much. I want more of something. Though I don't quite know more of what - leisure, love, leather, lust. 

Yes, Red-Headed Woman. It says some of the things that Raquel likes to hear. Or rather, she likes me to sing it to her while The Boss is also singing it in the background. That is what I tell myself, anyway. She is tickled by it and by a very small handful of other songs by him. The Boss. It makes her happy. She also sings along and smiles with her big green eyes.

They can see every cheap thing that you ever done