Monday, April 13, 2020

Easter Quarantine

The only thing that alcohol ever has the chance of improving is the moment. It's not a guarantee. I tried to extend the feeling of elation that comes along with the onset of alcohol since Friday. It just made me tired.

But Raquel made a truly heroic Easter dinner. I mean, she went all-out - prime rib, beet and goat cheese salad, potatoes and gravy, cheeses and breads and crackers, bottles of red wine, bourbon, cake. It was glorious. Now I am so very tired. The bourbon, in particular, seems to have enervating properties. 

We had guests - 2/3rds of a family that is going through a divorce. We took all the precautions that we possibly could. The kids were not allowed to touch each other and had to wash their hands in perpetuity. The picture above is the closest they came to each other all day, except when we were all sitting at the table sneezing towards each other. I drank wine at dinner, to let the bourbon wear off a little. 

Raquel and I got along swimmingly - sex, flirtation, affection, all of it. A break in the clouds of quarantine.