Sunday, April 26, 2020

Call in the medical doctors

I've been calling people and playing songs for them on the guitar. It's true. It is part of my new remedy for loneliness: drunkenness. I struggle remembering the lyrics and it is as if I am discovering the chords for the first time, always, but singing songs is what it could be called by reasonable people.

The LEGO Millennium Falcon project is about halfway complete. Did I mention that here? I bought the boy the "beginner's" version. I only call it that because there is one that is far more advanced, and expensive

Here, I will post a picture. I know how much certain readers here love the very literal use of photography, especially combined with projects involving children. 

This one combines all three of the most cherished and beloved things - photography, children, and Star Wars. It has been fun and distracting. It is satisfying to watch it form. LEGO kits have only taught me one thing but it is apparently a lesson that I need to be re-taught often: go slowly and verify each stage. It is easy to rush and only realize later that you did something slightly wrong. But slight wrongness is all that is required for significant future failure. We've had to disassemble and reassemble parts a couple times now.

Like many, I am wondering when life might return to some version of normalcy. Our vacation in the camper seems more than a year ago. It was just over a month. Online I am watching the experts among my circle of friends debate the merits of opening America back up for business. I try to point out that very little has changed if you have Amazon Prime, but people get angry at me because I'm not taking their political prescriptions and resolutions seriously enough. I'm starting to understand why people don't trust the government. The other day, the head of the executive branch of government invented some speculative treatments for the situation with common household cleaners and intravenous sunshine. It was like listening to me play the guitar and sing, just free and unscripted and disconnected musical magic to the ears.

If that sunshine can get in your bloodstream, well, you just never know. We'll have the medical doctors look into it.