Tuesday, April 7, 2020

As good a time as any

(Rockaway Beach)

I am starting to enjoy this time in quarantine. The time that I have spent with the boy has been golden and mom and I are coming around to a period of sweetness rather than what we had been trading in - mild but persistent acrimony. What started out as some significant losses in the market have turned around considerably from a single biotech investment I made - CYDY. You should buy right away, because they're going to either be bought out soon, or some of their pending patents will get approval. It hasn't flattened my ledger books out completely, but it has offset some pretty serious losses elsewhere. It's a crazy world. I hope I die quickly. There's only one way to guarantee it, but I'll give myself time to negotiate and conduct more market research. 

I have loved my life, it has been filled filled with laughter and cravings in nearly equal measure. I remember lying in the grass and reading books, music arriving from a distance. I remember being carefree. I believe that I'll know how to return.