Saturday, May 4, 2019


(Yes, older pics... still)

My plan is to go for a nice long bike ride this morning, a couple hours.  We'll see. I'm here now, lying on the bed listening to ever more obscure dub from the 70s. It's the only music I listen to any more. Most of it flies under the annoyance radar of casual listeners, so I can play it around the house all day without irritating the other tenants. It has aural complexity and invites attention without demanding it. So, perfect for a dad in his 50s.

If you're just not sure if dub is right for you then consult your doctor and try the link in this post. It's not an album that I would say best represents the genre, but it's the album I would play for people who think that all dub, and reggae, sound the same. Pass the Dutchie, etc. You'll find plenty of familiar elements in the album, but you'll find other things also without needing to be a very careful listener. It leans towards jazz without leaning too far away from calypso, etc.

I'm happy to be listening to any form of music enthusiastically again. I went through a few years in which I thought that I had lost most of interest in music. I think I had just grown tired of a few of the genres that had dominated my view for so long. Dance music now bores me, for the most part. There are a few people that play stuff I really enjoy, but most of it has receded back into a place where it all just sounds the same - dull, repetitive, uninventive, electronics. Luckily, few aspiring djs ever send me their mixes, hoping to get my opinion on them, any more. The only people that I do go out of my way to listen to consistently play the type stuff that I might like.

Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of good electronic music out there, but it requires a curator and unfortunately those come packaged in the form of the dj, many of whom are wholly insufferable.

Okay, before I lure myself off into a a tangent or screed, I'll wrap it up and leave you to your own thoughts and pleasant confusion for the next 30 minutes.