Friday, July 19, 2019

Three Day Weekend

More pics of flowers. They are all that I have. Well, not all, but close. 

I am preparing for a ride. It is overcast again. Unfortunate, as we are camping tonight and it had been clear for a few weeks straight, almost the thing you come to expect from California summers. The weather always only turns when you need it to least, as the saying goes. Can I use always only? The negation of opposing hyperboles. 

I'll give it some thought as I go. 

I took the day off from work, for no reason, and let work know that I would be doing this every other Friday for the foreseeable future. They were fine with it, though I didn't present it quite in those terms. I'll be having alternating three-day weekends for a while. I bet that I'll begin to detest the two-day ones, eventually. Sooner than latt√©.