Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Probably just this

I'm back on the other (work) computer where most of my images are. How I allowed such a thing to happen is still a bit beyond me. But that is how things have unfolded. This is my life. 

That's the boy jumping a little creek on a hiking trip. It makes me happy.

I am eager to get out of the house and go somewhere, though every time I have an opportunity to do so I can't think of anywhere that I'd like to go. 

I am spending another $2500 on a car repair very soon. Money that could go towards my own happiness - a new bike, some camera gear, a vacation. Those are the remaining things that seem to bring me temporary pleasure. 

The people here at the house now are all soon taking off for Southern California. A road trip/mini vacation. The new dog, the pup, is to be put in a kennel. I have opted to stay home and experience some peace and quiet. The house is always crowded with adults and children and dogs, all great things when you want them, but together and collectively they create a lot of noise and nearly constant needs. Not actual needs, but always there is the expectation of a response, which is a need of sorts. I am eager to have some time alone, though I have no idea at all what I would do with it.

Probably just this, what I'm doing right now.