Tuesday, July 9, 2019


Nothing to report, just wanted to hear the sound of my fingers against the keys. Would it be annoying or possibly pleasant if each letter made a slightly different tone. Probably the former. Too many notes for it to be anything more than chaos. Unless some letters repeated the same notes at different octaves, and you could choose the key, or change the key by striking certain combinations of letters, certain words.  What a dull and unoriginal thought. 

What am I writing about. I am off to a lonely start. It is loneliness that I feel now, most of all. I shouldn't, I know. I am surrounded by people who love and need me, those whom I love, but still there is a nagging loneliness to my life. It is everywhere and what I felt for a time I had escaped in nightclubbing, even though I knew it was as near or nearer there as everywhere else. Few things are as empty as electronic music can be when listened to while isolated and perhaps feeling less than loved or desired. 

We went to the beach on Sunday. We forgot to bring our kite, though we had a pretty good time without it. 

Next time, we said, we'll bring it next time