Wednesday, July 17, 2019

This is....

House-sitting is going splendidly. It is more enjoyable than I thought it might be. I had guessed that I would just want to be at home, which is only right around the corner and we have a lovely guest, but some quiet time to myself has turned out to be more valuable than I could see from behind the wall of noise and distraction that is being a dad.

I brought some camera stuff with me and have been wanting to set up and play with some pictures here, for the change, but all that I have had time to do so far is play with a soft-focus lens. If you like to do drugs and water flowerbeds the way that I do in the afternoons then maybe you'll find something to like about those two. They each have a charm for me, but that could also be the sudden sense that I am alone in a house with no other living creatures. No needs but my own.  

Perhaps I'll sleep in the garden tonight. There is a flat spot. I am preparing to go camping this weekend and should try the air mattress. There's an idea. Always, it is the ideas that make a person seem old - not following them or the other. 

Everybody needs some alone time. I say it often, to others. It's easy to say, and believe, and easy to believe that is what I have when I am at home working with the dogs. But that is not being alone. This is.