Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Polaroid Portraits

All of my other pictures are always on my other computer. I thought the cloud was going to sync all of the fragments of my life together into one gloriously unified whole. What must have happened in the cloud? 

I took lots of pics at my 8 yr old buddy's birthday party, most of which I gave to the host, my old friend, the 8 yr old's mother. A few I had to take out of the stack I gave her. They captured the occasional inadvertent youthful indiscretion or a minor unfolding drama with an accidentally uninvited guest.

Well, what happened was this: a birthday invite email went out and it had a girl on there that was not supposed to be. There had been a falling out of the friendship. I can't quite tell what is wrong with this girl, but whatever it is there's lots of it in her. I'm sure she's a fine child and someone's absolute miracle but she is odd to interact with, and mildly unpleasant.  These are but a few of the pics of her.

Well, I shouldn't say all of this. Some of these are proxy opinions for those of others. I don't really know the she-demon. But my little buddy, indiscrete 8 yr old that he is, kept telling her that she wasn't supposed to be at this party and that she should leave. She had been dropped off by her dad, I think, and the text had already been sent to come pick her up. I encouraged my buddy to go easy on her, to not be hurtful, and to focus on all of his friends that showed up for his birthday party. But you know how kids can be - vicious and remorseless. 

I tried to ignore the unfolding drama and only paid attention to it insomuch as to make sure that no one was being really ugly or provoking anyone emotionally or physically. Again, kids are little tyrants and shoplifters. They say that racism is taught, but exploiting any perceived weakness of others isn't, after a certain age. Decency is molded and not necessarily innate. 

When I was looking through the various candid shots that I had taken I found her sulking quite often, with most of the other kids just ignoring her, though not for any lack of trying on her part. 

But not my little buddy. He was driving it home like a two-ton semi-tractor that she was unwanted. Every chance he had he ran by her laughing. This went on to the point where I had to remind him that Santa sends out covert elf agents on kid's birthdays because he knows that's always the best time to see what kind of kid you really are.

That didn't work. He looked at me skeptically, as if my lie was too obvious. 

Here she is enjoying the little pool with the other kids.

Though upon her departure she did give me my favorite polaroid portrait of the day.

The Fuji instant film stock sucks as much in daylight as it does in low light.