Monday, June 17, 2019

Add To Cart

First choose an image, then write around it, or to it. Or, let it set the tone. I tried that, but had to skip past about a hundred pictures of the boy before I could find another image that I haven't already used. Such is the breadth of my laziness.

Well, the picture captures how I feel, in part. 

I've stopped buying myself things when I feel bored. It has only been about two weeks but that's long enough for me to notice a difference, or rather the lack of difference. Buying things doesn't make me any happier. I guess I needed to feel that for a few weeks.

Perhaps I have not deprived myself long enough. It's not as if I'm not online looking at ways to waste my money. I am, I am. I'm just not getting the satisfaction of clicking the Buy button. My money still disappears, somewhere, but I endure less guilt this way. 

I told you, the picture captures part of it.

I have nothing left for this day.

Take this, REO: