Sunday, August 15, 2021

Sugarloaf State Park

And camping we went - two nights, three days of satanic heat, day hikes, cooking exclusively over an open flame, bike riding, walking dry creek beds, chatting around the campfire late at night before drifting off to our tent to read Harry Potter.

I took the first portrait of the boy that I have taken in a while. My interest in photography has lessened a bit during Covid. Or rather, my main subjects deserved a break from often having a camera pointed at their faces. It is the first portrait of the boy that I have liked in a while. 

That's about all that I got out of the weekend. The rest was work, lots of it. Setting up and breaking down a campsite with a nine year old boy is a lot of work, though there's really no need to mention the boy in that sentence. He spent most of the time playing with a bouncy ball wondering why it was taking me so long to load the car. 

That's it, I'm beaten by the chores of it all.