Tuesday, August 3, 2021

... could have flattened, could have left

CS/Metropolitan Museum of Art

I could have flattened the paper out more before taking this iPhone pic of the print, and I could have left the colors alone rather than letting the phone "correct" them, but instead I didn't do either of those things. CS sent it to me, telling me that it might not last or that it will not last. I forget if it has a chance or if it's doomed. At least it will now live here forever. 

Now or forever? 

I'm having a difficult time determining what I mean by anything any more. Perhaps it is the result of being manic-depressive, though that is an emotional disorder more than a cognitive one. It does wreak occasional chaos on declarative memory and executive function. I'm not sure how that explains or excuses the confusion of the previous words I've written, though.

I don't know why I came in here to write. I am not of a single mind tonight and can't seem to harness or create anything on this last final spot.