Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nightlife in black and white

I am obsessed with the accidental moments that are caught by my camera; distortions. Things brought into existence only because I'm not a very good photographer. I lack the basic knowledge that would guide me to correct for the blurriness that is produced from the motion of both camera and subject. These absurd mistakes drive me crazy. I prefer them over the pictures I take that are well-balanced and sensible. I look at them over and over and each time I see or sense more than before. They seem to invite and lead my imagination.

It has to do with the relationship between shutter speed and "film speed", I'm told.

These were pictures taken innocently enough. It was a party. People were drinking, some were dancing. Capturing people in motion is very difficult for me. This is the problem I have taking pictures of both animals and children. I show the pictures that I like to my wife and she looks at me as if I'm the one that caused it all to happen. Blurred, distorted, grotesque caricatures... goblinesque monsters of light.

Because I'm using a digital camera it's nearly impossible to capture the very moment that I'd like to. Instead I capture a different moment, just before or (usually) just after what I might have hoped to catch. There is a trick to it, I'm sure, though I have yet to learn it. I end up with a camera full of absurdities.

There was one person in particular at this party that was having lots of fun.

As the night progressed so did the severity of her dancing.