Sunday, February 28, 2010

St. Mark's Place

More work, new shoes, less poems... I took this picture the same night as one that I posted a few posts back. I walk home from work every night and try to take a picture or two each night, though some nights I am only eager to get home. I still haven't figured out how to take pictures of moving objects. Either the image is shaken unrecognizably, or the photo is too dark, or the motion makes everything in the frame blurred. Some of those I like, though nobody else seems to. I show them to my wife and she asks why I'm showing them to her. I like it, I say. She says, no, it is no good.

With photography there is much to learn. I have been told to just shoot a lot and I will figure it out eventually. The figuring it out part has not arrived on wings. Sometimes I get lucky, though rarely in the way that I want to. I've been told that half of getting good photos is just to take the picture, take them every chance you get, that it is the boldness that will eventually yield results.

More photos, less work, new poems....