Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My freely roaming uterus

(north of Big Sur)

It must be the early onset of pre-menopausal stages. I've been having hot flashes all morning. There are medications out there that will reduce the effects, though I am opposed to them on religious grounds. It's my lot in life to suffer this way. It is all spelled out in detail as part of the great early scientific chapters of the bible. I blame the serpent that has been loosed upon the garden, the slithering tempter, and of course I blame Eve because I also dutifully fear God.

I met up with a few friends who were in town last night and one confided in me that they have read all of my blog posts. So, here I am, re-invigorated by the knowledge of a dedicated distant reader. 

I don't know how I used to do it... to work out at the gym most mornings and then write a blog post while excelling at work and also being a full-time father. I've dropped half of that routine and am still struggling most mornings just to make coffee. It makes no sense but I know it to be true, that the less you do the less time you have to do it. Routine creates time rather than destroys it. I need to get back into the gym just to get some of my life back.

Everyone agrees on this simple point: that I need to return to the gym. I have exhausted the reservoir of excuses and no new ones seem to be hinting at arrival on the horizon. 

Habits are a such burden, especially the bad ones.