Saturday, June 19, 2010

Draught, mirrors, beer...

My buddy from Florida came to New York to visit. So I doubled the amount of beer I normally drink.

He is a photographer so I brought my camera with me everywhere I went, hoping to learn more. I learned that I want another camera, and probably would be better off with a small camera bag. Cargo-shorts have their limitations.

We drank wine and beer and went to the museums:

There is this great parabolic mirror at The Metropolitan. I take my picture in it every time I am there. It is next to a decaying shark by Damien Hirst. If you stand several meters behind the mirror you can hear everything that is being whispered by anybody who stands directly in front of the mirror, but most people don't know this. It is fun for a few minutes each time I go to the museum. If it were up to me I would record what was being said and then broadcast it in the next room a minute later, so as they left one room they would re-hear what they said in the next. Is that cruel?