Wednesday, February 15, 2017

(Facebook, probably)

(Facebook, probably)

Less than little to report today - the world is advancing swimmingly, am taking some time off from work, the weather just turned gray again, am hoping to find some time to read, or write. 

A friend just reached back from Peru, he decided to walk elsewhere for a bit. 

I'm digging it, meeting lots of friendly peeps locals and travelers alike. Lima was a charm after I got a feel for it, huge swing between how the rich and poor exist, consumerism flowing like dirty water. I've come south through endless sand dunes, in Nazca now, got my archeological hat on and heading through the mountain tonight to Cuzco and the sacred valley. Slowly dropping into travel mode, my step is not as quick as when I arrived and I'm fastening a knot to lasoo the growing neck of time:)

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  1. "no one is united
    all things are untied
    perhaps we're boiling over inside
    they've been telling lies
    who's been telling lies?"

    I wish I was in Peru. Or anywhere else out of this crazy.

    I wrote huge paragraphs but deleted them ... about music and photographs. Catching up on several of your posts - but It all seemed like drivel in the end.

    I like the second photo of the boy in one of your last posts very much. I think your photos of the boy are mostly awesome. You should make a book. Even if it is just for him.